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Why Newcastle is Primed for Real Estate Investors

Updated: May 1, 2019

For serious real estate investors, it hard to look past the Newcastle region as an investor's paradise.

The new Maitland hospital is already under construction.

The massive Stockland shopping centre upgrade is now complete.

Homeworld has invested over $10 million in display homes, another 550 homes are coming to the area…

Now it's time to sit back and watch the capital growth.

Newcastle, and in particular, Thornton are continuing to produce some amazing interest.

Articles like this... are truly the investor's dream come true. $19 Billion… yes, that’s right… $19 Billion in land value increase, just in the last year alone, across Newcastle and the Hunter. Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, the challenge of living or investing in Sydney gets more and more difficult and so the migration North continues at an increasing pace.

The M1 Pacific Motorway traffic between Sydney and Newcastle is steadily rising as homeowners and renters alike are finding out how affordable living in the greater Newcastle and Hunter region is, and just how easy it is travel south to work in Sydney. Sydney has now become so difficult to manage, that the great people who provide essential services to the state of NSW (Nurses, Teachers. Police) are struggling to support themselves in the greater Sydney region.

This article...

...says that “the closest local government area with an affordable median rental price for an entry level enrolled nurse is Cessnock in the Hunter Valley.”

For more information on some of incentives that developers are offering, call or email Aaron Stretton from Frontpage Property Group.

Aaron Stretton

Sales Director

Frontpage Property Group

Mobile: 0400 825 888


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