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Boosting Female Founders Initiative

There is an annual grant of up to $480,000 for female founded start-ups to expand into domestic and global markets. Round 2 of the grant program finishes on 22 April 2021, however there will be three more rounds over the next three years so now is a good time to start planning your project. The Government has set aside $52 million for grant funding.

Grant Details

The grant amount will be 50% of the total project cost with a minimum grant of $25,000 and a maximum grant of $400,000. Higher grants may be provided if you live in a regional area, are indigenous-owned or have leaders with disabilities. The maximum project period is two years and you must be a company, partnership or sole trader that is female owned.

Eligible Projects

Eligible projects include:

  • Developing software or apps

  • Launching new products or services

  • Marketing new products or services

  • Purchase of equipment to enable growth

  • Expansion to other markets

Eligible Expenditure

  • Labour

  • Subcontractor

  • Travel

  • Costs of technology

  • Fitout expenditure

  • Staff training

  • Financial auditing of project expenditure

  • Costs of planning approvals

  • Depreciation of project specific capex

  • Other direct costs

Ineligible Expenditure

  • Research not related to project

  • Costs associated with application

  • Finance costs

  • Capital expenditure

  • Utilities

  • Insurance

  • Land costs

Grant Process

In order to apply for the grant, you first need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI), which will inform the grant provider of your business and project and the details of your estimated expenditure. If you pass the EOI stage, you can then submit the grant application, which includes a video pitch on the project.

Beda Fees

Our base fee for helping prepare and submit Stage One - Expression of Interest (EOI) will be $880 and our base fee for Stage Two - Grant Application will be $2,200.

To make an enquiry or for any further information, please contact our office on 02 4340 2415 or via email -

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