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Are Your Interest Rates Still Competitive?

Interest rates affect your monthly repayment instalments and the total cost over the life of a loan, therefore, staying on top of your current rate and the interest trends across the market is essential to your financial wellbeing.

Did you know that interest rates have risen a total of 2.5% since May this year? With the announcement of a 0.25% rate increase this week alone combined with rising inflation currently hitting the back pocket of all Australian's, keeping yourself informed has never been more important.

That's why we have partnered with Beau Russell from Cressfield Capital to provide trusted brokerage insight to our clients. Beau can assist you with an initial analysis on your current mortgage or other finance rates to ensure you are still receiving a competitive rate. Further to this, Beau uses a personalised approach to navigate you through the entire loan process to achieve the best result for your individual circumstances.


Take for example one of Beau's recent client success stories below; Refinancing Case Study

Prior to consulting Cressfield Capital, Jessica had assumed she was on a good deal with her

variable rate home loan with her existing mortgage lender.

Upon Beau's initial analysis, he found that her introductory rate had ended and she was now paying close to 7% interest on her mortgage.

Unfortunately, Jessica didn't receive any notice of this and was unaware of the increase.

Beau was able to refinance Jessica to another Lender which decreased her mortgage rate and saved her approximately $847 per month on her existing loan.


Whether you are coming out of a fixed or introductory rate, buying a new property or curious to see if you could reduce your monthly repayments to free up some cash flow, now is the time to get ahead of the crowd and explore other options.


Get in Touch With Cressfield Capital

You can contact Beau on his details below:

Phone - 0492 960 240 Email - Website -

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